How to configure Push Notification in your Mobile App?

Config Push Notification

Push notification helps in connecting stores with app users and maintain brand presence. Announcing a big sale or a special offer, Google’s Firebase is an effective application for push notifications. Go through the following instructions to use Firebase to configure Push Notifications in your native mobile app.

Add Firebase to your Android App

  1. Go to your Firebase Console.

  2. Click Add Project.Add Project

  3. Enter Project name, Project id and Country; and click Create Project.3. Enter Details

  4. Click on your app on the dashboard.4. click app

  5. Click Android image to add Firebase to your Android App.Select Android

  6. Enter Android Package Name and App nickname, and then click REGISTER APP.Register Android App

  7. In the step ‘Download config file’ click CONTINUE.7. Continue

  8. Click FINISH in the next step ‘Add Firebase SDK’.8. Finish

  9. You can now see the overview of app users and crashes on the dashboard. Click the gear icon in the top-left corner and go to Project settings.9. Project Settings

  10. Click Download google-services.json button to download the config file.Project Settings General 10.1 Project Settings General

  11. Then go to ‘Cloud Messaging’ tab in Settings. Copy the Server key, Legacy server key and Sender ID provided and go to this link.Cloud Messaging Tab

  12. Paste Server key (API key) and Sender ID under ‘Push Notification’.Paste Project Credentials

    Add Firebase to your iOS App

  13. Go back to Overview page and click ADD ANOTHER APP.Create iOS App

  14. Click on iOS button to add Firebase to your iOS app.Select iOS Platform

  15. Enter ‘iOS bundle ID’, ‘App nickname’ and ‘App Store ID’ from the data saved in notepad and then click REGISTER APP to move to the next step.Register iOS App

  16. Click CONTINUE in the next step step.iOS Continue
  17. You are now in ‘Add Firebase SDK’ Click CONTINUE.iOS Continue

  18. In ‘Add initialization code step’, select ‘Objective-C’ and click FINISH.

Select Objective C

  1. Go to Settings by clicking the gear icon in OverviewGo to Settings

  2. Under ‘General’ tab, click Download GoogleService-Info.plistDownload Config File

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