How to publish App on Apple App Store?

Publish App on App store


  1. Open your iTunes account at

  2. Go to My Apps.My Apps

  3. Click on the app you want to submit.App

  4. Under App Store menu, you will find three tabs:
    i) App Information

    ii) Pricing and Availability

    iii) And status of iOS App as ‘1.0.0 (version number) Prepare for Submission’

     App store information
  5. Fill the “App information” page. Note that Name and Category are mandatory to fill. Save the information after you are done.Name and Category

  6. After submitting App information, go to “Pricing and Availability”.
    Pricing and Availability

  7. In the “Price Schedule” section, choose the price of your App. Select Free option if your app is not a paid app.Pricing

  8. After setting the App price, click Edit in the Availability section. Here you can choose the countries where your app will be visible in the app store. The app is available in All territories by default. Uncheck the countries where you do not want the app to be available.Availability All territories

  9. After saving the changes, go to “Prepare for Submission”.

  10. In “Version Information” section, upload images of app previews and screenshots with the resolution provided in this link.Note: Screenshots other than that of the app would be rejected.App preview and screenshots

  11. Fill the rest of the Metadata. Do not mention other platforms like Android as mentioning other data will lead to app rejection.
    Note: Add the comment “Apple pay is not integrated in this app” if your app doesn’t have the option of payment through Apple Pay.

  12. Under “Build” section, click Select a build before you submit your app link. And choose the latest build (uploaded most recently).
    Add builtSelect build

  13. After feeding the metadata, click Submit for Review on the top right corner.Submit for review

  14. Choose No for “Does this app use the Advertising Identifier (IDFA)?” and save the changes.No IDFA

  15. Choose No in the next window too. Your App status will change to ‘1.0.0 (version number) In Review’. Once submitted, your app will be reviewed by Apple team and will be published in the app store within 2 to 3 days (if chosen for Automatic release). If you want to set a particular date for launch, you can go for Manually release the version option where you can set the launch date. In that case, you will see the status as ‘1.0.0 Ready for Sale’ after the app passes the review.Publish iOS App

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