How to publish App on Google Play?

Publish App on Google Play

Enter your Google Play Console account and follow the steps below.

1. All Application

1.1   After login, you will get access to the dashboard where you can find your apps. If you have not created your app yet, click CREATE APPLICATION button.

1.1 Dashboard

1.2   Choose “Default Language” and enter the “Title” of the app in the opened dialog box. And then Click Create. Creating the app will port you to ‘Store listing’ tab.

1.2 Create Application

2. Store Listing

2.1   Fill the ‘Product Details’ section.

2.1 Store Listing

2.2   Upload screenshots of your app previews by clicking Browse Files or simply drag and drop.

2.2 Upload Screenshots

2.3   Also, upload images for “Hi-res icon” and “Feature Graphic”.

2.3 Upload images

2.4   Under Categorization, fill ‘Application type’ and ‘Category’. Note that you cannot complete the Content Rating questionnaire before uploading the app APK (See 2nd image).

2.4.1 Categorization

2.4.2 Content Rating

2.5   Fill your Contact Details where Email is mandatory as well as privacy policy and click Save as Draft.

2.5 Contact Details

2.6 Go to Step 3 for App Release.


3. App Release

3.1   Click MANAGE PRODUCTION. (You can alpha or beta test the app before release, by clicking MANAGE BETA or MANAGE ALPHA).

3.1 App Releases


3.2 Create Release

3.3 Add your App APK by clicking BROWSE FILES.

3.3 Upload APK

3.4   Fill rest of the information and click SAVE.


4. Content Rating

4.1   Go to Step 2.4 and click Content Rating hyperlink. Click CONTINUE and fill the Content Rating questionnaire. Click Save as Draft thereafter.
4.1 Content Rating 4.2 Content Rating 4.3 Content Rating 4.4 Content Rating 4.4 Content Rating 4.6 Content Rating


5. Price and Distribution

5 Pricing & Distribution

5.1   Under “App Availability”, the app is available in all countries by default. Select Unavailable and select the countries where you want the app to be available.

5.1 Pricing & Distribution

5.2   Select Yes or No under ‘Primarily Child-Directed’ and ‘Contains ads’ section according to your app.

5.2 Pricing & Distribution

5.3   Fill the ‘Consent’ section. And make sure to save the draft.

5.3 Pricing & Distribution


6. Final Steps to Publish

6.1   Go to ‘App Release’ and click Review after making sure that completed tabs are shown with the green symbol.

6.1.1 Green Symbol 6.1.2 Review

6.2   In ‘App releases’. Ensure you have filled all the relevant information. And then click START ROLLOUT TO PRODUCTION.

6.2 Start Rollout

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