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The latest addition to TM Store’s mobile app solutions, the Pharmacy App is available in two models; Single Vendor and Multi Store. With Single Vendor App, pharmacy stores can sell prescription and non prescription medicines and drugs online and deliver at customer’s desired time and location. While Multi Store Pharmacy App is a single platform where customers can shop at individual pharmacy stores without the need of installing any separate app. Besides these, TM Store’s Pharmacy Mobile App also offers Health Care features like setting alerts and maintaining health records for the app users, making it a comprehensive Pharmacy app for your customers and pharmaceutical vendors.


mCommerce Features of Pharmacy Mobile App

Sell prescription drugs and nonprescription medicines online and make medications easy for customers to purchase through TM Store’s Pharmacy App. App users can order their meds and pick them up at the local pharmacy store (multi store model) or get their meds delivered at their doorstep. Check out the app’s wide-ranging features:

Sell Medicines and Drugs

Unlike ordinary goods, trade in pharmaceutical products is bound by regulations. Many drugs can be availed only through prescription. And that’s valid for eCommerce sale of medical products too. TM Store’s White Label Pharmacy App is designed for selling both prescription and non-prescription drugs. Customers can order non prescription drugs like ordering any other product from an eCommerce store. And for purchasing prescription drugs, customers simply have to upload the prescription of the drugs they want to buy.

Pharmacy App Browse products

Prescription Upload

Pharmacy Mobile App’s Product upload feature enables customers to take the pic of their prescription from their mobile phone and upload it through the pharmacy app. Thereafter, the pharmacy can call the customers to verify the prescription, after which customers can go through the checkout process.


Pharmacy App Upload PrescriptionPrescription uploaded

Pharmacy App prescription procedure

Manage Cart, Apply Coupon

Apply Coupon

The Pharmacy can also promote coupons and referrals to promote their medical products. Customers can get their meds at a discount or get a cashback by applying the coupon code while adding the prescription to their cart.

Delivery Slot- Day and Time

Customers may not always be available at their home for receiving their order. Why not let them choose the time for the delivery? Delivery Slot feature allows customers to book their time slot when they are available to pick up their order. And with order status, customers can know the status of their order real time. Make your customer life easier by letting them choose their delivery slot during checkout.

Pharmacy App Delivery SlotPharmacy App Checkout

Health Care Features

TM Store’s Pharmacy Mobile app is more than a mCommerce app for medicines and drugs. It’s a comprehensive app for well-being and peace of mind of app users and their beloved ones.

Health Record

Health Record feature allows app users to track their blood pressure and/or sugar readings periodically and get a better overview of their health. Moreover, TM Store’s native Pharmacy Mobile App allows customers to manage health record and prescriptions of more than one family members. These health records can be immensely useful for doctors or other healthcare providers for prognosis and better health care. Moreover, recording these health indicators motivates the app users to adhere to their medical routine for meeting health targets.

Health RecordAdd members


Alert feature of the app allows customers to schedule routine and set reminders for taking medications, readings of their blood pressure or sugar, or just a morning walk. The app tracks user’s routine and users can check routine follow-up in the history tab.

Alerts Routine

Health Education through Blogging

App admin can also post blogs educating customers of basic health care, health tips and medical information relevant to them. Blogs can also be a multi-pronged tool by serving as a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool and raising the ranking of pharmacy’s website, thereby boosting the site’s online visibility.

pharmacy app blogging

Multi Store Pharmacy App Features

With multi store features, your pharmacy mobile app can host products of several pharmacy stores in a single app. Features like Google location enable customers to search nearby pharmacy stores from where they can order their meds. With multi store pharmacy mobile app, users can easily navigate through individual stores and browse through the products under the store’s own brand name.


Browse Stores

TM Store Multi Store feature enables customers to browse through individual stores. This allows pharmacies to retail their products under their own name rather than under the umbrella of just the app. Thereby empowering local pharmacy stores by giving them customer visibility and the opportunity to strengthen their brand image for long-term business growth.

Multi Store Pharmacy App Browse stores


Pharmacy App Google location

Google Location support

With Geolocation feature of Google, customers can search for nearby pharmacies that trade through your Pharmacy Mobile App and shop for medical products in that particular store online. This provides customers with the convenience of easy pickup and faster home delivery service.


With Navigation bar, customers can change the store they’re shopping from simply by clicking ‘Change Store’ on the navigation bar. This way, app users can surf through multiple stores while browsing the product of individual store, enhancing user experience.

multi store navigation

TM Store’s Native Pharmacy App is a comprehensive app packed with all-inclusive and easy to use features. If your pharmacy does not have a website yet, TM Store also offers website for your medical store with hosting on our server. To boost your online presence through our White Label Pharmacy App, contact us on live chat for demo.

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